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Find Your Bliss
An Indian Retreat Experience
with Maxine Bailey-Green

24th January - 1st February 2025 
Book before June 31st 2024 to receive an Early Bird Discount

Next January, embark on an extraordinary journey with Maxine as she leads you through a once-in-a-lifetime Indian yoga retreat experience.

 Nestled in the landscapes of Kerala, South India, this isn't just any yoga retreat. With Maxine's deep-rooted connection to India, spanning generations through her mother and grandmother, this retreat promises to delve into the true essence and significance of yoga. Join her as she unveils the heart and soul of yoga amidst the rich cultural tapestry of her ancestral land.  You will experience temple exploration, meditation, daily kriya, sacred text readings and become deeply immersed in traditional mantras, an enriching experience for all. 


Join us next winter for a unique mind-body experience set in the enchanting landscapes of Kerala, South India. Over the course of 9 days and 8 nights, immerse yourself not only in the practice of yoga but also in the authentic essence of this captivating country's rich culture and history. Embark on a journey of yogic immersion, where you'll explore temples, engage in meditation, practice asanas, indulge in poetry, partake in daily rituals, delve into sacred texts, immerse yourself in traditional mantras, and practise poojas ( ceremonial blessings). 


For the initial 6 Nights - We will be staying at the breath-taking Lumŭma yoga retreat resort. Nestled amidst serene natural surroundings, Lumŭma is a sanctuary of peace and revitalization, blending traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary comforts. It features meticulously crafted cottages immersed in the heart of nature, providing a tranquil haven for your stay. During our initial six days together, we will delve into yoga asanas, explore restorative yoga, and immerse ourselves in meditation. We will leisurely sip from coconuts, visit temples, and partake in ceremonial blessings to enrich our journey.

For our final 2 Nights - We will embark on a tranquil train journey to the secluded Great Backwaters where Max discovered a hidden gem during her last visit to Kerala. Nestled amidst the picturesque Backwaters, a serene expanse of lakes, canals and lagoons running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast, we will spend our final two nights together - which promises to be an unforgettable experience. Our adventure begins in the Backwaters with an early rise at 5 am on the first day to cruise along the lakes to witness the mesmerizing sunrise at 6:30 am.  As the sun ascends, we'll engage in a meditation session, channeling our dreams, wishes, and intentions into manifestation. The morning unfolds with opportunities to swim in the rivers, soak up the sun's warmth, or simply unwind in hammocks with a good book.

In the afternoon, Max will guide us on a visit to observe local women skillfully transforming coconut husks into ropes. You'll have the chance to participate first-hand, learning the art of extracting fibers from coconut husks, spinning and twisting them into yarn, and weaving them into durable ropes. It's an immersive experience into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala's Backwaters, promising memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Our journey culminates with a sunset experience, travelling along the Backwaters to a different location. Here, we have the opportunity to express our gratitude and connect deeply with our hearts as we give thanks for our enriching 8 night adventure.


Throughout your stay, breakfast will be provided daily. Dinner will be arranged for three nights - the first night at Lumŭma for the welcome ceromony, and the last two nights in the Great Backwaters, leaving you five nights to explore as you please - I've made it a point to encourage everyone to venture into the local dining scene to explore the delightful flavors of Kerala's cuisine where an array of delectable dishes and authentic cultural experiences await.
The cost of dining out is very reasonable, typically around £4 for a veggie curry and rice.
Additionally, teas will be readily available for you to enjoy throughout the entirety of your stay.

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Book before 31st June 2024 to receive an Early Bird Discount of £100



  • 8 nights accommodation - 6 nights at Lumŭma resort and 2 nights in the Great Backwaters

  • Morning and evening yoga and meditation 

  • Daily kyria practises 

  • Morning journaling 

  • An authentic ayurvedic massage treatment with one of the in-house therapists

  • Local visit to the coconut farm 

  • Pooja opening and closing ceremonies 

  • Early morning sunrise river cruise

  • Evening sunset river cruise 

  • Temple visits 

  • Train journey to the Backwaters 

  • Swimming pool and lush tropical gardens for the first 6 nights 

  • All inbound and outbound transfers to Trivarman airport 

    What's not included 

  • Flights to Kerela 

  • Visas ( you will need a visa to visit Kerala estimate price is £25

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Additional massage treatments 

  • 4 nights evening meals at Lumŭma resort (first night will be provided )


          The first 6 nights:

  • Sleep in beautiful Indian eco-huts, combining traditional Indian design with modern comfort, offering specially designed cottages in the heart of nature. Choose either an Amba hut (with AC) or Bohdi hut (with fan only)

  • Pool with sun beds

  • Ayurvedic spa

  • Plant-based café

  • Eco shop

  • Tropical gardens

  • Private use of the whole resort

  • Stunning local beach (only 10 minute walk)

        The final 2 Nights:

  • The soothing experience of the natural beauty of Kerala can be found here - boating in the Great Keralan Backwaters

  • Sunrise and Sunset river cruise - Relax on the enchanting rivers of the Backwaters as we are rowed by 'Papa Rick'and his family. The father of the local family where we will be staying, now in his seventies, 'Papa Rick' has spent a lifetime growing up and laboring on the Backwaters. So, settle in and let your seasoned guides lead you on a journey to where the river embraces the vast expanse of the ocean

  • Indulge in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each lovingly prepared by the Kerala family who graciously hosts us during our stay

  • The charming and comfortable rooms are located on the Backwaters. Modern ensuite bathrooms, A/C and ceiling fans, and balconies with hammocks in the communal areas

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24th January-1st February 2025

Bohdi hut twin room two people sharing:   Lumŭma Resort (fan only)

£1295 per person (inc. 2 nights in the Great Kerelan Backwaters)

Amba hut twin room two people sharing:   Lumŭma Resort (air-con)
£1445 per person (inc. 2 nights in the Great Kerelan Backwaters)

Bohdi hut private room:   Lumŭma Resort (fan only)

£1695 single occupancy (inc. 2 nights in the Great Kerelan Backwaters)

Amba hut private room:  Lumŭma Resort (air-con)

£1845 single occupancy (inc. 2 nights in the Great Kerelan Backwaters)

Early Bird discount of £100 if booked before 31st June 2024

Not Included -

Flights to Kerela 

Visas ( you will need a visa to visit Kerela estimated prcie is £25)


Additional Massage Treatments

4 nights Evening meals at Lumma resort

(First night will be provided and full board in the back waters)


Optional Extras -

*Please advise at time of booking

Additional Massage Treatments

Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor



It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Max so remarkable as a conduit of yoga. She’s an outlier, a rare one, somebody who doesn’t fit into any clearly defined box or label. 
Instead, she delights in the spaces between, guiding you back to your own heart and body wisdom, opening the doors to greater self exploration through a blend of curiosity, play and intuitive movement. 
While her knowledge and experience of yoga is undeniable, it is her devotion to living yoga that gets your attention. Without a shred of pretense, Max will conjure a space where you get to embody the journey of yoga – for you. 




Meet an extraordinary woman who has seamlessly transitioned from her previous roles as a successful business owner and a talented dancer/gymnast to pursue a new life purpose. With a desire to break away from the traditional 9-5 routine, she now dedicates herself to guiding others.  She skillfully combines her background in business and dance with her passion for yoga to create a unique retreat experience.
She understands the mental and physical challenges that many face in today's fast-paced world, and her impulsive nature drives her to leave no detail unattended, from dietary restrictions to travel logistics. Need help with flight arrangements, car rentals, or transfers? She's got you covered. Looking for optional activities to enhance your retreat experience? She'll offer a wealth of suggestions.

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India 10.jpg


First 6 days: 

Upon arrival on the first day, we will commence with a Pooja ceremony and welcome meeting, please bring something white to wear, all flowers  will be supplied.

  • 5:30am: Optional wake up early morning for prayers at the local temple transport by Tuk 

  • 6:30-7:30am: Enjoy morning tea, participate in intention setting

  • 7:30-9 am: Morning practice session

  • 10-11 am: Breakfast

  • 11 am-4 pm: Enjoy free time for massages, relaxation by the pool or beach.

  • 4-4:30 pm: 40 Days for Change Kriya practice

  • 4:30-6 pm: Engage in evening practice which includes restorative yoga, Yin yoga, and meditation

  • 7:30 pm: Supper will be provided for the first night. For the following five nights, you are encouraged to explore the local area

  • Temple visits will be scheduled according to the timetables

    Day 7: 
    We will depart by train to the backwaters of Kerala. Lunch will be provided in the backwaters before embarking on a canoe exploration to witness the sunset, swim in the river, and meditate

    Day 8:

    5.30 wake up-Sunrise river cruise, visit to the local coconut farm, afternoon meditation practice, relax and chill


         Day 9:



Guest Feedback 

"Food was out of this world, I didn’t over indulge so I felt uncomfortable and bloated. But also wasn’t hungry. It was lovely to be able to help ourselves to teas and coffees too. The variety was amazing and think it made all of us realise that food should be enjoyed more to fuel our bodies and not just inhaled!!!"

"I felt that the retreat was possible for me not to feel anxious for whole days at a time! The calm energy created at the retreat allowed me to put down all my stress for a while and just focus on what we were doing, and nourishing myself. Like fog clearing. Thank you all."

"I’ve already told everyone it was life changing for me. It was relaxing, emotional, happy, thought provoking, pure time for me. A it was a very  special time where I was guided through a beginning, middle, ending & some silence - which gave an opportunity to come back to myself. It reflective time and a celebration too as TheMaxEffect has played key parts in the journey of me working on my health."

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