My journey to yoga began about 25 years ago, and back then it was purely a physical thing. I liked the way it strengthened the whole body and didn’t just focus on one part. I was also training for a triathlon at the time and found it helped my recovery.

However, through a serious of different traumas, life started to take a tumble. I was beginning to fall into the hole of depression and was at a very dark place in my life. But with the combination of medication and yoga, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


​Things started to get better for a while, and I managed to build up the strength and courage to start IVF, but with many failed cycles and finally a marriage breakdown the big black cloud of depression started to creep back in.

This was when I grabbed yoga with both hands, quit my job in the corporate world and started on the journey to healing myself. ​


Slowly, I started to build up strength, and retrained in the holistic world of therapies and embraced yoga with a completely new outlook. I really started to focus on breathing and calming my mind and found that my practice was taken to a whole new level and yoga was becoming a lifestyle.


I then found the strength to travel around South-East Asia for 6 months, following my passion for yoga and meditation and had the blessed opportunity to work with some of the most experienced teachers from around the globe.


I’m always a student and continue to learn all the time. I keenly develop and enhance my knowledge about the body, mind and soul by studying deeper breathwork practices, yoga therapy, and the body's connection with an East-meets-West style of learning.



​I offer my therapies through restorative yoga, bodywork, corporate sessions, online classes, UK and international workshops, retreats and one-to-ones.





200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa, India

50-hour yoga teacher training in restorative yoga with Anna Ashby

50-hour teacher training in breathwork and pranayama with Laurent Roure

10-hour teacher training sequencing with Laura Green

Level 1-2 and 3 ITEC Diploma Classic Massage and Facial Training from Richmond Adult College

Reiki Level 1

60 hours Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

20 hours Facial Training at REN Skincare

10 hours Indian head massage in Goa, India

ITEC Diploma in Natural Facelift Massage, London


I still can't stand on my head (it's a work in progress)

I can tap-dance

I make a mean bowl of porridge and call it a bowl full of happiness (if you're lucky, I might make it for you)

I lived in Spain for 4 years and can speak Spanish (just about!)

I don’t take life too seriously

I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards

I have magic hands (so my customers say)

I live up to my hair colour...blonde!