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Discover a sanctuary of serenity and self-discovery at our 'Soothe Your Soul Retreat Experience'.

This retreat is designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and transformative experience, allowing you to reconnect with your inner self and find peace amidst life's demands.

£99 off Per Person if booked before 30th April
Payment plans can be arranged.

22nd June - 28th June 2024
Andalusia, Spain


This Summer we invite you on a different kind of mind-body experience nestled in the heart of nature's embrace, in the wonderful district of Andalusia an hour from Malaga Airport, Spain. Over six carefully curated days, you will experience a blend of yoga, movement, breathwork, and meditation exercises designed to create space for your true being to emerge. Using the ancient traditions of yogic wisdom this magical retreat will guide you back to your true self, leave you feeling rested, restored and well nourished.

This magical retreat centre in the heart of southern Spain, offers a tranquil setting for self-reflection, transformation, learning & blissful relaxation. Created with love, every aspect of your stay will inspire, invigorate and support you.
Experience hilltop yoga, fragrant nature walks, our refreshing open air swimming pool, dinner under the stars & complete absorption in the spectacular mountain scenery. 



Our experience is open to everyone regardless of your experience, and has been created with a very specific intention in mind; to support you in becoming more rested, and restored, to empty your mind, to explore and get into your body with gentle movement and find the tools to help you cultivate a sense of inner calm. We share practical tools, techniques and teachings woven into a deeply nourishing, grounding and restful six-day getaway. Through subtle yet powerful guidance, we will steer you towards becoming your own sanctuary, create an inner calm and release deep seated tension in the body, mind and soul.


Through our lovingly prepared plant-based food we hold you safe, and bring you fantastic flavour, new experiences and help you dive further into the joy that healthy food can bring. Ingredients come from our own food forest and gardens, as well as local farms so they are fresh and bursting with flavour.

In Your Soothe Your Soul Experience 

  •  Morning Pages and Meditation.  Max will help guide you with an opening meditation to set the intention for our day ahead.   She will show you how to calm the mind and relax the body so you can sink into the softness of your soul.

  • Slow Flow Yoga Practice, a gentle yoga sequence designed to release physical tension and promote relaxation

  •  Gratitude meditation.​

  •  Daily deep restorative yoga.  This practise provides a deliberately slow paced environment for diving deeper into a practise that replenishes the soul, as a way to release tension and to shift the nervous system back into balance as you move deeper and deeper into stillness.

  • Yin Yoga

  • Kundalini inspired breathwork

  • Night time sharing circles and Yoga Nidra

  • Experience walking under the stars together

  • Goodie bag 

  • Self massage Workshops

Your Retreat Venue and Experience 

  • 6 nights stay at our magical retreat home

  • All nourishing vegetarian 

  • Daily tea, coffee and water

  • A huge open air swimming pool with views of magnificent mountain scenery 

  • All yoga equipment

DSC07258 3_edited.jpg


  • Every room is uniquely designed to bring you peace and sanctuary while you stay

  • Eight beautiful retreat bedrooms are all completely unique and all have a very individual feel

  • All are designed to help you rest and re-cooperate giving you privacy and time to yourself

  • Our home for the week is split between a two bedroom guest house, three bed hill house and a four bedroom farmhouse

  • All have access to equipped kitchens, comfortable lounges, access to the the pool, terraces, gardens and olive groves

  • All rooms will be your own private sanctuary whilst you enjoy the experience


Reserve your space here 

£99 off Per Person if booked before 30th April 

lake (1).jpg

2-bedroom Guest house

Shared Moroccan style bathroom,

open plan kitchen and lounge.

Private room 

£1555 per person


3-bedroom Hill house

Twin/shared rooms with ensuite bathroom

1xTwin room left for Male's sharing 

£1222 per person


4-bedroom Farmhouse

Twin/shared rooms with ensuite bathroom

£1222 per person

Double room

£1666 with ensuite


Early Bird discount £99 if booked before 30th Jan 2024.

Deposit £333


Not included






Optional Extras

*Please advise at time of booking

Onsite Massage and Healing 

60-minute Thai massage

60-minute Reiki Session

60 minute Deep Tissue Massage

60 minute Deep Tissue massage with reiki infusion

90-minute Experiential Healing session £111

60-minute Ayurvedic oil massage with sound healing

Prices and arrangement on request



It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Max so remarkable as a conduit of yoga. She’s an outlier, a rare one, somebody who doesn’t fit into any clearly defined box or label. 
Instead, she delights in the spaces between, guiding you back to your own heart and body wisdom, opening the doors to greater self exploration through a blend of curiosity, play and intuitive movement. 
While her knowledge and experience of yoga is undeniable, it is her devotion to living yoga that gets your attention. Without a shred of pretense, Max will conjure a space where you get to embody the journey of yoga – for you. 




Meet an extraordinary woman who has seamlessly transitioned from her previous roles as a successful business owner and a talented dancer/gymnast to pursue a new life purpose. With a desire to break away from the traditional 9-5 routine, she now dedicates herself to guiding others.  She skillfully combines her background in business and dance with her passion for yoga to create a unique retreat experience.
She understands the mental and physical challenges that many face in today's fast-paced world, and her impulsive nature drives her to leave no detail unattended, from dietary restrictions to travel logistics. Need help with flight arrangements, car rentals, or transfers? She's got you covered. Looking for optional activities to enhance your retreat experience? She'll offer a wealth of suggestions.


Antequera is at the heart of southern Spain, abundant with beautiful churches and natural parks it is perfect for those who love arts and history, as well as more adventurous souls.
We are situated 15 minutes from the city of Antequera, 20 minutes from El Torcal and Caminito Del Rey, only 1 hour from the beach, with the enchanting cities of Seville and Granada closeby.


lake (1)_edited.jpg


  • 7.30-8am Morning Pages journaling and Meditation. 

  • 8.30-9.15 Light snack coffee and tea

  • 9.15-11.15am Slow Flow Yoga and embodiment Practice

  • 1.15-12.15 delicious Brunch feast 

  • 12.15-5 Pool- relaxation - optional treatments 

  • 3pm Snack

  • 5-6.30 pm Deep Restorative  and Yin yoga practise

  • 7.15 - Dinner

  • 9pm Night time sharing circles and Yoga Nidra or walking under the stars together experience 


Guest Feedback 

Food was out of this world. i didn’t over indulge so I felt uncomfortable and bloated. But also wasn’t hungry. It was lovely to be able to help ourselves to teas and coffees too. The variety was amazing and think it made all of us realise that food should be enjoyed more to fuel our bodies and not just inhaled!!!

I felt that the retreat was possible for me not to feel anxious for whole days at a time! The calm energy created at the retreat allowed me to put down all my stress for a while and just focus on what we were doing, and nourishing myself. Like fog clearing. Thank you all.

i’ve already told everyone it was life changing for me. It was relaxing, emotional, happy, thought provoking, pure time for me.A it was a very  special time where I was guided through a beginning, middle, ending & some silence - which gave an opportunity to come back to myself. It reflective time and a celebration too as Max & Charla have both played key parts in the journey of me working on my health.

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