Thank you so much for signing up, to join me LIVE online. 


Its so exciting that we all get to come together in the comfort of our our homes , and I get the honour to share with you, some of my best practises on how to restore the balance to the mind, body, and soul, and help manage some of the symptoms we may be experiencing through Peri/menopause. 

This is a unique combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques, mindful meditation practices and acupressure points that have been specially designed to help women manage these symptoms.


This is what you need to do :


Gatering lasts for 60 Mins


If you don't have Zoom you can download the latest version of ZOOM on your phone, laptop to smart pad. You will have to register with your name and email and agree to terms and conditions.


Creating the space


Its really nice if you can create the space at home that feels like your being well nurtured. I would suggest lighting your favourite candle or incense and making it really cosy, maybe some soft lighting or relaxing music in the back ground.


What you need to bring:

  • A Yoga mat or towel 

  • Blocks, straps or bolsters to support you. If you don’t have any props you can use a stack of books, a sturdy pillow and a dressing gown belt or tie. 

  • Warm clothes for the restorative part, and any props that will help you fell more comfortable i.e. pillows or bolsters

  • A blanket 

  • You don’t need to wear yoga pants, just something comfortable that you can stretch in. 


Make sure you're somewhere comfortable where you can easily sit, and space for when you need to lie down at the end.


Please feel free to ask me any questions before hand.


Cant wait to see you.


Peace and Love 

Maxine x

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