Maxine's Yoga Story

Maxine first came to yoga about 20 years ago, and back then it was purely a physical thing. 

She liked the way it strengthened the whole body and didn’t just focus on one part.

She was training for a triathlon at the time and found it helped her recovery.

However, through a serious of different traumas, life started to take a tumble. She was starting to fall in to the hole of depression and was at a very dark place in her life. But with the combination of medication and yoga, she started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Things started to get better for a while and Maxine managed to build up the strength and courage to start IVF, but with many failed cycles and finally a marriage breakdown the big black cloud of depression stared to creep back in. 

This was when she grabbed yoga with both hands, quit her job in the corporate world and started on the journey to heal herself. 

Slowly she started to build up strength, and retrained in the holistic world of therapies and embraced yoga with a whole new outlook. She really started to focus on breathing and calming her mind, found that her practise was taken to a whole new level and yoga was becoming a lifestyle. 

She then found the strength to travel around South East Asia, for 6 months following her passion for yoga and meditation, and had the blessed opportunity to work with some of the most experiences teachers from around the globe. 



To most people, yoga is all about flexibility, being able to touch your toes and kick your leg into standing splits. It's fluffy, gentle and full of vegan chicks in pink lycra. It won’t get you fit, and is only ever done in dimly lit rooms with candles and whale music. 

In the media we only ever see beautiful girls doing bendy things with their bodies. There's always talk about kale smoothies, gluten free cupcakes and phrases like enlightenment.

This is why I’ve created yoga thats fun for everyone. It can give you the physical workout you want. It help's to build core strength and balance, and through the practice, the mind will be calmer, and life will become a little less chaotic.   

The hardest thing is stepping onto your mat. So once you move passed the stereotype it's pretty simple, yoga is good for everyone and the benefits are undeniable. So whether you're new, or you're already an experienced yogi, my classes will accommodate all levels. 
Come and see for yourself, it's a whole new world out there.



Breath-Fast consists of a guided meditation and breathing class, all polished of with breakfast.

It's a donation based event held every season around the south cost and south west London, with all proceeds

donating to  Tonic mental health charity.

Next one is the 15th December 10.30am-12pm Canoe Lake Leisure - St Helens Parade, Southsea, PO4 9RF

Deep breathing helps to calm down the central nervous system helping to reduce anxiety,

it can improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and detox the body.

Open to all ages and no experience necessary.

Contact me to book your space.

Charity Events

Maxine has a real passion for helping out and lending a hand to others, if you have a charity that needs some help with fund raising, please contact her to see if she can help.


Mondays 9.30-10.45am - 6pm-7.15pm Flow

Lano Yoga, Elm Grove, Portsmouth, PO5 1JG

Classes to be booked via the website -

check website for payment plans 

Mondays 8pm-9pm- 

 Breath work and Mediation course £45

Sam's place 6 Grove Road P05 3QT

Maximum 10 people

September -Sold Out 

November -4th-25th -Sold Out

January -7th-28th few spaces left

Tuesdays 6pm-7.15

find your calm

Sam's Place 6 Grove Road 

Maximum 8 people 

In this class we will learn to slow down, connect to the breathe and experience a deep relaxing journey through gentle movement. A deeply relaxing experience where you will be guided through breathing exercises, gentle restorative posses and mediation.

you'll leave feeling balanced and grounded.

Fridays 11am-12.15

Breathe, stretch and reconect

Canoe Lake Leisure - St Helens Parade, Southsea, PO4 9RF

Maximum 12 people 

Using our breathe to access a deeper level of stretching, you will start to work into the fascia, the connective tissue that support our skeletal, open up our energetic pathways and strengthens our joints. Yin yoga teaches us to first perseverance in all areas of life. We finish with a beautiful guided mediation to help us reconnect and rest ready for the weekend ahead. 

Drop in £10

or Block Book

 £35 for 4 classes - 1 month expire

£50 for 6 classes- 2 month expire

£75 for 10 classes- 3 month expire

  booking is essential

Privates and Coorperate 

Please contact Maxine for details and pricing.

Irrelevant, but debatably interesting

facts about Maxine 


  • Still can't stand on her head, it's a work in progress

  • Can tap dance 

  • Makes a mean bowl of porridge  and calls it a bowl full of happiness (if you're lucky she might make it for you) 

  • lived in Spain for 4 years and can speak Spanish - just about! 

  • Doesn't take life too seriously 

  • Can say super cala fragilistic expialidocious (backwards)

  • Has magic hands, so her customers say

  • Lives up to her hair colour.....blonde!!

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