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Xmas Rest and Restore 15th december

A deep restful journey combining the tranquility of Yin Yoga with the profound relaxation of Nidra

  • 15 British pounds
  • Tennis Courts

Service Description

Join Max on a transformative journey that combines the tranquility of Yin Yoga with the profound relaxation of Yoga Nidra. This unique class offers you the opportunity to explore the depths of your body, mind, and spirit, guiding you towards a state of profound relaxation, rejuvenation, and deep release. In the first part of the class, Max will lead you through a soothing Yin Yoga practice. Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative style of yoga that focuses on long-held, passive stretches. It is designed to target the connective tissues in your body, allowing for deep release and flexibility. Maxine's expert guidance will help you find stillness and surrender in each posture, promoting physical and emotional balance. After the grounding Yin Yoga session, the class transitions seamlessly into the Yoga Nidra experience. Yoga Nidra, often referred to as "yogic sleep," is a state of conscious relaxation that offers a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Maxine's gentle and compassionate guidance will lead you into this deeply restorative practice, where you can unlock its potential for reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and promoting overall well-being. When 15th December 2023 6pm Please note once booked Refunds can't be given

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Contact Details

  • CourtX, Eastern Parade, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea, UK

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