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Midsummer Deep Rest and Restore

Deep Rest, Meditation and Breath-work. Friday 16th August

  • 15 British pounds
  • Tennis Courts

Service Description

As we step into summer we explore the benefits of a summer restorative practice. A sweet cooling practice to help us unwind, restore and renew. In a deep rest yoga practice the focus is not on stretching and strengthening but on releasing. By releasing tension in the body and freeing up the breath, we may powerfully affect change in the actual structure of the body and the state of the mind. Maxine calls deep rest her yoga medicine. This practise is great for everyone regardless of level. It works on releasing muscle tension and bringing about a relaxation response to the nervous system to aid deep relaxation, healing, and rest. This is a Gentle, supportive, and therapeutic style of yoga, is practice of passive healing. This practice allows us to relearn the art of relaxation while developing the skills and abilities to self-soothe. It enhances our healing capacity by helping us regulate the stress response and re-balance the nervous system. By helping us to access the parasympathetic Nervous System, learning to put the body back into rest and digest, ​improve the function of our immune system, reduce muscle tension, help with insomnia, and so many other vital benefits. ​​ ​ Benefits ​ Helps to combat the physical and mental effects of everyday stress and helps to ease common ailments such as: ​ Headache Backaches Insomnia Anxiety Depression Chronic pain Boosts the Immune system Deeply relaxes the body WHEN Friday 16th August 6pm-7.30pm T.C Refunds can't be issued unless your space can be filled.

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  • CourtX, Eastern Parade, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea, UK

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