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Welcome to
Flow with the feminine

 A small yoga studio in the heart of Southsea, dedicated to females only.

Flow with the feminine is a small bijou yoga studio for females only, with a maximum of 5 ladies to make this a bespoke experience.


A space to reconnect back to the wisdom of our bodies and our hearts. 

A space to re charge renew, nourish, and self soothe. To calm to ground and deeply restore, to replenish, reset and release deep seated tension, and get back that vital inner glow. 

Through emotional hygiene practices, breath-work techniques, meditation offerings, nervous system re balancing, yoga therapy, hatha yoga, yin yoga movement, mantra and hormone health.


This is not just a space to do your practise it’s a space to feel welcomed and heard it’s a space that is warm and cosy it’s a space to relax and unwind, strengthen the body and mind and get back that inner glow❤️

The Experiences

There are three different experiences available to choose from each week.

Freedom to flow, Rest Restore Nourish, Samsara yoga therapy.

Pick your package based on how many times a week you would like to attend.

Our Padma package entitles you to 1 experience a month (£25) per experience

Our  Anahata package entitles you to 4 experiences a month (£19.50) per experience

Our Om Shanti package entitles you to 8 experiences a month (£17.50) per experience

Freedom to Flow Connecting to the Feminine Within

TUESDAYS - 5.15-6.30


This is a guided fun class, where you reclaim your capacity to move naturally with flow and freedom. A Practice that promotes the flow of blood & chi into the specific endocrine glands & organs that play a key role in a woman's hormonal balance. It’s an invitation to explore and to build a connection with yourself. 

Experience a range of static and dynamic movements, practices and techniques to include conscious workouts, strength, flexibility balance and intuitive flow on the Mat awakening your inner power connecting with your feminine within.

Rest Restore Nourish 

TUESDAYS - 7.00-8.15pm 

Rest restore and nourish is a deeply relaxing practice that invites profound rest to our body, whilst cultivating a peaceful relationship with our mind. The long-held postures support the reversal of the stress response in the body, tonifying & nourishing the nervous system & nurturing the organs that play a key role in restoration & renewal. Each posture is supported with an abundance of props & cushions, so the body is able to completely let go & focus on the meditation of simply resting in effortless awareness & bathing in the vitality available in this & every present moment.

Samsara Yoga Therapy - Regulating Our Hormones 

FRIDAYS - 9.30-11.00am 

Each week we work with a different element, to re-establish the unobstructed flow of chi/lifeforce within all of our primary body systems. Mindfully moving through a selection of sweet practices to include self massge techniques as we gently open up the body to help you balance the emotions assisting the alleviation of hormonal imbalances such as moodswings, fatigue, irritability, anxiety & depression, PMS, hot flushes, heaviness, cramps & lower back.

These sequences are designed to improve health in the body and mind by removing blockages that prevent the energy from flowing freely, working on your joints, abdominals, hips and back to open the body in a gentle and effective way.

Mantra - Chanting - and prayer are all tools to anchor us into our own awareness 

Choose Your Experience Package

  • Padma Package

    1 Self Sooth Experience Per Month
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Self Sooth Experience
  • Anahata Package

    4 Self Sooth Experiences Per Month
    Valid for one month
    • 4 Self Sooth Experiences
  • Om Shanti Package

    8 Self Sooth Experiences Per Month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 8 Self Sooth Experiences
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