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Thank you so much for wanting to sign up to the LIVE on-line patreon. I'm so exited that you are here to share the journey of Meditation, Yoga and Breath - Work.

We will meet LIVE every Wednesday morning at 7.30am for 20-25 minutes via zoom, for your own personal mantra for the day, a gentle stretch designed by myself to open up the energetic pathways of the body, and some breath work.


In addition, on the last Monday of each month at 6pm, i will conjure a space where you get to embody the journey of yoga for you. Restorative and mantra are used as tools that anchor you in your own awareness, in an experience so organic and complete it stays with you longer after you step off the mat.

Don't worry if you can't join the LIVE as each session will be recorded and added to my private YouTube channel just for my Patreons.

All you need to do is to down load the Patreon App and then click on my link for just £11.11 a month.

                Here's the link:


                        And here's my link:

See you on the dance floor!

Today's affirmations I am standing on a mountain of value, my story is unique and my experiences are valuable.

Big Love Max

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