Hi I'm Max and I’m dedicated to offering you the space to reconnect with the body, breath and mind.

My goal is to empower people to take healing into there own hands so eventually you won’t need my help. 

Through emotional hygiene practices, breath-work techniques, meditation, mentoring and restorative yoga.

I’m here to help you to step into your own power, improve your wellbeing, nourish, nurture and bring the body, breath and mind back to homeostasis - the vital balance our bodies needs to thrive.

My approach as a wellbeing expert is a holistic journey, I explore internal and external well-being , and I believe that wellness should be part of your lifestyle. 

Maxine offers bespoke one-to-one healing plans.

Offering pop-up classes.


“ Working with Max has been so much fun. She exuberates love and life and is full of ideas and inspiration that shines through in all of her classes. Our clients at The Yoga Agency have loved Max's inventive 'Morning DOSE' classes that help get their employees moving, breathing properly, and in a calm but energised state of mind, ready to tackle the day ahead. I feel blessed that our paths crossed, and I highly recommend Max's services to both individuals and companies." 


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