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Hi i'm Maxine, nice to meet you!

it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Max so remarkable as a conduit of yoga. She’s an outlier, a rare one, somebody who doesn’t fit into any clearly defined box or label. 

Instead, she delights in the spaces between, guiding you back to your own heart and body wisdom, opening the doors to greater self exploration through a blend of curiosity, play and intuitive movement. 

While her knowledge and experience of yoga is undeniable, it is her devotion to living yoga that gets your attention. Without a shred of pretense, Max will conjure a space where you get to embody the journey of yoga – for you. 

She is also the founder of Morning D.O.S.E a carefully curated experience designed to help you release the 4 main happy chemicals. Her teaching style is rooted in compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of the transformative potential of Restorative Rest, Breathwork, Meditation and Hatha Yoga. These practises are powerful tools for healing, stress reduction, enhanced mental focus and is essential for rejuvenating the mind and body. 

Max teaches globally and all over the UK

She is excited to announce she has her own radio show starting in March with Express FM 93.7FM 

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“ Working with Max has been so much fun. She exuberates love and life and is full of ideas and inspiration that shines through in all of her classes. Our clients at The Yoga Agency have loved Max's inventive 'Morning DOSE' classes that help get their employees moving, breathing properly, and in a calm but energised state of mind, ready to tackle the day ahead. I feel blessed that our paths crossed, and I highly recommend Max's services to both individuals and companies." 

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