Thank you so much for signing up to my live online Girls Night In! 



What to expect:

It's so exciting that we get to come together in the comfort of our homes, and I’m honoured to share with you some of my favourite techniques to help restore balance to the mind, body, and soul. 



We’ll start with some breathwork to relax the mind, body and importantly the muscles in the face, as then I’ll take you through an easy-to-follow holistic natural face lift. We’ll close the session with a restorative yoga pose and a guided meditation to help switch on your parasympathetic nervous system – promoting deep relaxation and rest.



How to prepare:

To make our session feel special, find a cosy space somewhere quiet, light your favourite candle or incense, and turn the lighting down. Make sure you can comfortably sit for a while whilst we do the breath work and the facial massage, and then have enough space to lie down at the end for our meditation.

Please make sure you already have Zoom installed on your phone, laptop or pad – it’s free to download via

Apps or the internet. If you’ve never used it before, do test it with your friends ahead of our session so that we

can get up and running quickly – and can spend less time on the tech, and more time relaxing!



What you’ll need:


A freshly cleansed face, however you normally do it is fine, and maybe a head band to keep the hair off your face 


We’ll be accessing the neck area too, so wear a vest or v necked top


Your favourite facial oil - if you don’t have a facial oil, you could even use a kitchen staple like coconut oil. If you want to order one, I like this organic anti-ageing one from Ren or this rosehip oil for dry skin from Sukin. Or try a health food shop or a supermarket - Tesco has one, although I haven’t tried it.


A mirror - preferably one you don’t have to hold, or that you can balance somewhere


Warm, comfy clothes for the restorative part (incl socks!), and any props that will help you feel more comfortable such as pillows, cushions, bolsters and a blanket.

Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions beforehand. Can't wait to see you – I love sharing this experience!

Peace and love –

Maxine x

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