4th - 7th November
Nyons - Provence - France


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Autumn is a powerful season of transition and provides us with a unique opportunity to ground down into ourselves, to root and anchor into our truth, and to receive great pleasure from the harvest of life. It is also a precursor to a season of expectation, excitement and extremes.


During this experience, we invite you to reconnect to your essence, to deepen the tools of balance, intuitive knowing and self-nurturing, to come back to your inherent mind-body wisdom so you may navigate the next chapter of your life with greater ease, insight and joy.


This autumn, Charla, Max and Jennifer invite you on a different kind of mind-body immersion in the spectacular vineyards of Provence, France. Over four carefully curated days, you will experience a blend of workshops, movement, breathwork, mindfulness exercises and deeply pleasurable activities designed to create space for your true being to emerge.


With play, curiosity, pleasure and intuitive movement as its foundation, this retreat has been created with a very specific intention in mind: to support you in becoming more confident and clear about who you are and where you are heading. Each workshop will encourage you to tune into you, what you need to thrive and access your own intuitive wisdom. 


Practical tools, techniques and teachings will be woven into what is also a deeply nourishing, grounding and restful four-day getaway. However, the retreat doesn’t end after four days; a virtual integration session two weeks later will help to crystallize insights and learnings for genuine long-term benefit. Through this subtle yet powerful guidance, your hosts will steer you towards becoming your own sanctuary and stepping into the comfort – and potential – of who you really are. 

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  • Tools and techniques to tune into what you personally need to thrive

  • Empowering experiences, foods and activities to nourish the body and mind

  • Support to help you create your own inner and outer sanctuary

  • Time for pleasure, play, deep connections and personal enquiry

  • Supportive integration sessions during and post-retreat

  • Nurturing an Autumn reset to keep you balanced and embodied during winter



It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Max so remarkable as a conduit of yoga. She’s an outlier, a rare one, somebody who doesn’t fit into any clearly defined box or label. 


Instead, she delights in the spaces between, guiding you back to your own heart and body wisdom, opening the doors to greater self exploration through a blend of curiosity, play and intuitive movement. 


While her knowledge and experience of yoga is undeniable, it is her devotion to living yoga that gets your attention. Without a shred of pretense, Max will conjure a space where you get to embody the journey of yoga – for you. 



Living, loving, learning and here to share it all. Charla encourages deep connection and personal change using her own special blend of creative coaching techniques and inner inquiry, all designed to help you access your inner voice.


So often in life we feel adrift from ourselves; a truism that inspires Charla’s work as an experienced coach and leader. A natural empath and enthusiast for all things personal empowerment, Charla will help you to explore your inner landscape and join the dots on what you need to thrive. With greater clarity comes greater opportunities, and a solid, self assured foundation where you get to be authentically you.

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Behavioural eating coach and retreat cook Jen adopts the view that life – and how we nourish ourselves along the way – can be a wonderful, expansive adventure. Having undergone a challenging eating disorder in her late teens, Jen transmuted the pain of this chapter into a powerful coaching business that today helps others to cultivate a truly liberated, sane relationship to food and body. 


Infusing deliciousness and permission for Vitamin P – PLEASURE! – into every workshop, meal or coaching session, her passion for personal growth and loving the skin you’re in TODAY brings a refreshing perspective on what it means to nurture yourself from the inside out



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