Chill and relax 


Thank you for booking Chill and Relax yoga 



It's so exciting that we all get to come together in the comfort of our our homes, and I get the honour to share with you, some of my best practises on how to restore the balance to the mind, body, and soul, through restorative yoga, breath work and meditation.


My personalised techniques for all three practises will help to put the nervous system back in to rest and digest. So make sure your warm and cosy, as the body temperature will fall as we drop in to the nervous system. 


This is what you need to do :


Gatering lasts for 75 Mins


Monday 8pm 


Please make sure you already have Zoom installed on your phone, laptop or pad – it’s free to download via Apps or the internet.  If you’ve never used it before, do test it with your friends ahead of our session so that we can get up and running quickly – and can spend less time on the tech, and more time relaxing!


What you need:


A Bolster

A Strap 

An Eye Pillow

A Blanket

A cushion 

A towel 

A chair 

Yoga blocks 


( I do have a few I can loan out, or if you would like to buy your own, I sell the eye pillows hand made and blessed for £10, and the rest of the props you can buy at, you are welcome to use my online teachers discount, (just let me know if you would like any help with this.)


If you have none of the above, 


A couple of big sturdy pillows ( recommend the one from your bed)

A stack of books

A dressing gown belt

A sock filled with rice maybe, or a scarf as an eye pillow.



Creating the space


It's really nice if you can create the space at home that feels like your being well nurtured. 

So I would suggest, lighting your favourite candle or incense and making it really cosy. 



Cant wait to have you 

See you soon 


Peace and love 

Maxine xxxxxxxxx 

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