My journey to yoga began about 20 years ago, and back then it was purely a physical thing. 


I liked the way it strengthened the whole body and didn’t just focus on one part.

I was also training for a triathlon at the time and found it helped my recovery.

However, through a serious of different traumas, life started to take a tumble. I was starting to fall in to the hole of depression and was at a very dark place in my life. But with the combination of medication and yoga, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Things started to get better for a while, and I managed to build up the strength and courage to start IVF, but with many failed cycles and finally a marriage breakdown the big black cloud of depression started to creep back in. 

This was when I grabbed yoga with both hands, quit my job in the corporate world and started on the journey to heal myself. 

Slowly, I started to build up strength, and retrained in the holistic world of therapies and embraced yoga with a whole new outlook. I really started to focus on breathing and calming my mind, and found that my practise was taken to a whole new level and yoga was becoming a lifestyle. 


I then found the strength to travel around South East Asia for 6 months, following my passion for yoga and meditation, and had the blessed opportunity to work with some of the most experiences teachers from around the globe. 

Irrelevant, but debatably interesting

facts about me


  • Still can't stand on my head, (it's a work in progress).

  • Can tap dance

  • Makes a mean bowl of porridge  and calls it a bowl full of happiness (if you're lucky I might make it for you 

  • Lived in Spain for 4 years and can speak Spanish - just about! 

  • Doesn't take life too seriously 

  • Can say super cala fragilistic expialidocious (backwards)

  • Has magic hands, so my customers say

  • Lives up to my hair colour.....blonde!!

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